Daniel Kean is a Certified Master Dog Trainer, graduating at the top of his class from the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as a Certified Canine Training & Behavior Specialist from the Triple Crown Academy (now Starmark Academy) in Hutto, Texas. With over six years of professional experience, six years of training as an enthusiast, and a lifetime of being a dog owner, Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the profession.

Some of Daniel’s earliest memories are of playing with his first dog, Fox, and ever since dogs have been an important part of his life. However, it wasn’t until after joining the Marine Corps and working closely with Military Working Dog Handlers did Daniel really come to understand that dogs were capable of being much more than our companions. After serving four years as an Infantry Assaultman with three deployments to Iraq, Daniel left the service a combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and passionate dog enthusiast.

Daniel poured himself into dog training. Reading a library’s worth of material, he spent countless hours training and working with his own personal dogs as well as helping his family and friends with their dogs. It was a passion that would eventually lead to the decision to pursue dog training professionally. Wanting more than the simple online education that most dog training programs offer, or the limited experience of apprenticing under one trainer, Daniel left for Texas to attend the Triple Crown Academy. There he honed his skills in working with pet dogs and learned a wide range of behavior modification techniques to solve everything from house breaking to aggression.

After earning his certification as a Canine Training & Behavior Specialist, Daniel began working as a professional dog trainer. Over several years, Daniel has worked with dogs of almost every breed; puppies to seniors, timid to aggressive, and many in-between, teaching obedience and finding solutions to behavioral problems.

However, his drive to continue learning and improving as a dog trainer never stopped. With a desire to enter into competitve dog sports and become involved in more specialized fields of dog training, Daniel decided to attend the highly renowned Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers.

While at the school, Daniel trained dogs to complete many difficult and challenging requirements that were graded to competition and real world working standards. This included AKC’s Novice, Open, Utility, and Agility, IPO’s BH, Schutzhund II & III obedience, and Schutzhund II & III Tracks. In addition he completed search and rescue, a lost key search, a one acre gun search, a buried cadaver search, and several narcotic search qualifications. Fully immersed in the field, he excelled at the Tom Rose School and graduated at the top of his class, earning the title of Master Dog Trainer.