We love dogs and know how enriching it can be to have one (or more) that’s well behaved, but more often than not the differences between our two species creates a disconnect in our ability to successfully communicate with each other. Our training philosophy allows us to open those lines of communication.

Our Training Philosophy

Just as no two people are the same, no two dogs are the same. What works for training one dog, does not necessarily work for another dog, even within the same breed.

Here at the Right Paw we don’t adhere to one specific method of dog training and instead focus on three key principles that allows us to communicate effectively and adapt our training to fit each dog.


Science tells us that we have 1.3 seconds to effectively influence a dog’s behavior. Understanding how to properly take advantage of this can mean the difference between successfully shaping your dog’s behavior into something we want or having them think they’re getting rewarded for something else entirely.


What does your dog really want? Sometimes it’s as simple as a piece of kibble, but more often it is far more complicated. Being able to read and understand what your dog wants in different situations allows us to create successful training scenarios where your dog learns quickly & calmly in a fun loving environment, while at the same time learning to place your commands above their impulses.


Dogs love consistency. Creating clear rules and situations where they can predict the outcome is paramount in dog training. This leads to happier and more confident dogs. We help eliminate confusion and problem behaviors by creating clear rules that both you and your dog will be happy with.