Designed for young puppies this unique program will teach your pup behaviors that set them up for a lifetime of success. During this time your puppy’s mind is still developing and highly impressionable making it an ideal time to begin training. In our Puppy Imprinting program your pup comes to live with our trainer for two weeks where we begin to establish core fundamentals such as crate training, house-breaking, pottying on command, proper ways to play, socialization to different sounds, situations, people, and dogs, and the beginnings of basic obedience, all of which helps eliminate problem behaviors before they even begin. Two free In-Home lessons are included in this program where we teach you to carry your puppy’s successful beginning forward into adulthood. Puppies that have gone through this program will also receive a discount on our Stay & Train program. (Puppies must have received the 2nd round of their vaccinations to be eligible for this program)

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