After many interviews, my wife and I selected Daniel with The Right Paw Dog Training. The Right Paw is a FANTASTIC training center who is owned/operated by a master Dog Trainer and U.S Veteran.. We had the privilege to work with Daniel who listened to our concerns in reference to our puppy, and advised us his “course of action” in order to correct certain behaviors. Daniel also was able to teach basic obedience to our puppy. We decided on the 2 week stay and train program. Daniel gave us updates throughout the training process and sent us pictures/videos of our puppy as well. Every video we saw of our puppy, she was wagging her tail and looked so incredibly happy to be with Daniel. After just 2 weeks, we noticed a world of difference. Daniel completely transformed our puppy into a well behaved dog who follows commands and no longer does destructive behaviors at all (eatting carpet, jumping on counters, begging for food, biting, etc) Our dog is so happy now and my wife and I are so happy as well. We bo longer have to worry about constantly correcting bad behaviors. Our dog understand us, and Daniel taught us to understand her behaviors as well. I would certainly recommend Daniel for any training services that he offers. He is a certified Master Dog trainer and a great instructor. We look forward to sending Lucy back for the Good Canine Companion certification class so we can begin taking her to the Children’s Hospitals. Thanks Daniel!!!